Exam is a kicking.

Awesome overloaders yo

Heyyo.Do you know what is "Exam is kicking?" Yes,I dont know that too.Its was just like something I doesn't like at all.I try to the best from all the best but I can't cause its hurting me from out and inside. *I am tengah speaking kejap* Continue speaking : So,last week,this week and next week is called 'exam week' I was just so sick with this things.I need to worked hard every day and every night for every subject.So stress come in,my health condition is freaking bad.I need to see doctor and eat the medicine that the doctor gives to me *I hate this moment* . Then tomorrow when I go to school for the exam ,I feel sick.My head keep spinning until I can't write anything even I know what is the answer of the question.It was also my fault because I didn't bring the medicine to school.Oh yeah,so until this second 4.25 pm / 19.5.2012 I still not feeling well. Emm,I hope I will be fine tomorrow because next week is the last week of exam.I hope I can do the best,pray for me yeah? Hihi  So next week 5 papers left.It was just paper 3.Then,ITS HOLIDAY TIME!! I choose to take my own holidays for the next Thursday so I can wake up lately and release my stress.You know,exam finish already.So I better take rest XD  Hey readers.I think that was just my post.Thanks for read it.Love you all,Assalamualaikum cheers ♥.